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First Name Last Name Organisation Self Description
Lynne Teasdale Smoke Free Life County Durham I work as a stop smoking advisor and see the struggles every day of people trying to quit. I am a supporter of NRT and e cigarettes as a way of controlling and staying stopped smoking. I have used NRT myself for 4 years after quitting and remain smoke free.
Neil Humber Flips Media vaping advocate
Heikki Kangas I'm 26 years old machinist from finland, I use swedish snus when I can't vape
Markku Kynsilehto
Simo Matikainen
Eetu Tiensuu
Jarkko Turunen
Juho Kemppi
Tommi Huhtamella
Mika Helin
Antti Toivonen
Lasse Hietala
Ville-Juhani Sinisalo
Sade LaFernandez VapeRoom Helsinki
Jenna Joensuu
Toni hautakoski
Eetu Pekkala i just want to vape :)
Mikko Vuorio Ex smoker, now vaping and feeling grreat!
Simo Riski
Rene Seppänen Vaper. Ex-smoker.
Tommy Tarnvik
Juha Mäki-Turja Vaping since 2011
Markus Bäcklund
Leo Vainikainen
Jarkko Olmala
Ann-Marie Jäppinen
jari keränen
Juuso Taipaleenmäki
Teppo Tuorila Vaping since 2011
Atakan Erik Befrits NNA Sweden / 10 year veteran in Tobacco Harm Reduction policy research, nudging and advocacy.
Mantas Stanislovaitis
Simon Cook
Enrique Jose Medina Garcia Ex-smoker, Snus user. Teacher of English as a Foreign Language in the Public Education Service (Spain)
Bengt Wiberg Sting Free snus (B-O Wiberg Solutions AB) Snus is scientifically proven considerably less harmful than smoking. According to the National Board of Health smoking cause the death of 12,000 Swedish smokers annually to a social cost of about 30 billion SEK. Despite this, there is in the world one billion smokers who want to satisfy their nicotine cravings with cigarettes ... until now.
Ben Kosto I'm a vaper and would like to continue vaping without this dark vaping-ban cloud over my head. This just proves how corrupt the system/government actually is when they would rather support big tobacco than a much safer and user friendly option. So I'm just a guy that's getting very sick of these bullying tactics by people(our gov.) that should have our best interests at heart. I don't get it and probably never will. But I do know it has to do with GREED, which makes it that much worse. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to keep vaping alive and places like this website and are paving the way and allowing us to support what we believe in! Thank you! -Ben K.
Jeannie Cameron JCIC International Tobacco Harm Reduction supporter and advocate. Wrote LLM Disseration at Kings College London in 2007 on the FCTC and why harm reduction was missed out.
Pasi Tolvanen Home I did smoke about 21 years, and i im on vape now 1.5 years... no problem at all :)
Martin Hedington Iconic Vape Science (South Africa) Promoters of Vaping Safety, Knowledge and Legislation. Small-scale producers of affordable E-Liquid.
Andrius Bukauskas N/A Ex. Smoker. Cigarette-free for a little over a year and a half now, thanks to e-cigarettes.
Bob McNair An ex-smoker of Old Holborn 75 gm. per week. Gave up smoking completely a year and a half ago with a Kanger tank Now on a Westminster e-pipe and enjoying the smoke-free atmosphere and finance.