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NNA welcomes donations from individuals and organisations to support our campaigning work. We are however unable to accept such donations from manufacturers and distributors of nicotine products.


First Name Last Name Organisation Self Description
Christopher Murphy I have recently switched to vaping after 16 years of smoking. Vaping is the only method I felt really helped me to kick the habit. I'm all for regulation to some degree, but the TPD goes way too far and will only make it harder for new quitters to make the switch.
Allan Speirs personal Tries vaping 3 years ago, and not touched a cigarette since.
Alex Thompson Vaper and against TPD
Mark Humphrey Was a smoker for over 12 years. Switched to vaping and not had a cigarette in over 4 years now. Massive health improvements all round
Craig Hill Vaper and hobbyist
Lee Marsden
Norman Osland
CHRIS FENN E VAPE E JUICES been a smoker for 28 years been vaping for 5 years and now run a very high quality vape business i seldom use nicotine the new laws although will be business to business then to end user i personally think it will have a detrimental affect on most busineses
Daniel Hagemeister-Biernath Dampfdruck-Presse / Nebelkrähe / German vape-activist, lives in Hungary, has been vaping for 5 years.
Alex Bellamy 3LibrasVape vaping supplier also vapers team who wants to provide more information about real dat from vaping scene and new nicotine options to improve health
Carey White
Thor Thorirsson The Vaping Guru UK Smoked for 5 years. Started vaping 4/5 years ago. Has been fantastic. I do not vape all the time, I can vape and then not vape for a number of days. I'm such a fan of the vaping industry I have taken steps to set up my own business and help inform and educate people of the benefits of vaping.
Coby Allen Ex 30 a day smoker, Vaper - and smoke free since two months, Nothing else would have helped me to quit smoking.
RUTH CHAMBERS Ex smoker quit using vaping 4 years ago. Smoke e cig with 0.3mg nicotine. HELPS my allergies & has cleared my asthmatic lungs of years of mucous build up, keeps them clear. Severely Disabled homemaker with full time carer. Supporting family & friends use of e cig, diy ejuice educating them in best use products & nicotine.
G. Karl Snae pro vape, pro health
vincent mepstead
Craig Harker Ex smoker - 40 per day for 20 years. Vaping for 6 years.
Ian Dermondy
Becky Warwick Ex smoker. Vaping 1 year
Becky Warwick Ex smoker. Vaping 1 year.
connagh conway
Ben Tilly Vape is life vaper for life
Jonny Williams 6 years of vape and -6 years of cigarettes.
Hayley Marshall
Elbie Forde Avid vaper of 5+ years Make own juice, make own coils. Very interested in backing the hard facts that vaping is safer than smoking.
Andrew Peck Smoked for 33yrs, got diagnosed with COPD i then tried to quit smoking using nicotine patches/sprays/gums/champix etc but nothing worked. I then started vaping about 2yrs ago and haven't had a cigarette since. Vaping is the most effective way to stop smoking, without a doubt.
Cindi Mallicoat none Former smoker
Darren Burns Safercigs ltd Responsible Electronic Cigarette retailer who cares passionately about vaping
Louise Cash
Helen Purvis Female Vapers Only
Paul Allcock I'm a vaper
lily dargan
Tim Loven Ex 40 a day smoker, vaper for four years =- vaping saved my life.
Joe Fairbrother Vape Vaper
richard walker aardvark juice ltd director of an ecig retailer
Andi Elsmore Vaping for 6 months, I can taste food again after 25 years
John Gill vaper
Gary McMeekan
uni graham vape fan and vaper for 3 years
Roy Barry Lifelong nicotine fan.