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NNA welcomes donations from individuals and organisations to support our campaigning work. We are however unable to accept such donations from manufacturers and distributors of nicotine products.


First Name Last Name Organisation Self Description
Mat King Triple Eight Vape Keen supporter of all things e cigarette and joint owner of Triple Eight Vape
Marcellus James I work in IT and have been a smoker for 30 years. Made the switch just over a year ago and have never looked back
Ed west casaa Member of
Roger Ball E-cig advocate
Rob Heyes Vaper, and occasional vaping advocate
Wayne Prestwood Ex smoker , current vapour
Owen No.1 Ejuice The Online Retailer of E Cig and E Liquid
Darren Sharples Ltd Co Founder of of the EFVI and very much support vaping over regular cigarettes having witness the benefits / hearing the testimonials from our customers.
Richard Ivers Vereybowring I am me, nobody else. . .
Mandy phillips Wife of a vaper who is fed up with all the rubbish being spouted by so called expert
Lee Woolls Cigg-e Ltd I am an ex-smoker thanks to e-cigs and formed Cigg-e back in 2010 to help others quit smoking tobacco.My intention was never to make money from my personal project; rather invest any company funds back into opening more shops/stores.
John A Emuss Vaper and bloger
David Newell Started vaping in 2012, previously a smoker for 36 years.
Bernice Evans Cigg-e Ltd Vaper for around 4 years. Interested in people reducing risk by vaping as opposed to smoking. Unhappy with poor media reports of vaping.
Daniel Pidcock Drippa Owner of Drippa - UK and Europes juice subscription service.
Brian Coe I`m 47 and an ex smoker of around 20 years, gave up smoking within 2 days of trying E cigs and been vaping for 16 months with no relapse.
Dave Cross Freelance writer Vaper, contributor for online vape media and European features writer for Vape News Magazine
Jay pieski Long time vaper, ex smoker, vaping advocate. No industry or political affiliations.
Tony Holden Vaper, disabled, with mental health issues.
Paul Barnes An average everyday chap who gave up smoking thanks to vaping.
Mark Antosik Vapor for over 1 year 49 year old and believe that vaping has saved my life. I have tried every other form of NRT and nothing worked I am down to 3 mg of Nic now
Rebecca French Usually known as Beki Jane. I am an ordinary vaper who has become an advocate through circumstance as I watch disinformation being spread about my escape from the yoyo quit cycle.
Al Shaw Vaping evangelist to anyone who`ll listen
Robbie baxter Habitual heavy smoker since the age of 11. Tried the new generation e-ciggerettes and vaping equipment and since couldn`t fathom ever smoking anything again. Unless it was bacon. I like smoked bacon.
Roger Hall UKV member (marlowejames) & proud supporter of vaping - the safer way to obtain recreational nicotine. Politically agnostic, as the public are assumed to be mushrooms.
Robert Mrówczy?ski SUEP Assiciation of E-cigarette Users in Poland Proud adult vaper & advocate of vaping as safer alternative to smoking.
Andrew Bradford Ex smoker of 35 years, finally quit thanks to ecigs 4 days after my first vape
Ray PG Yeates Tobacco Harm Reduction Association of Canada While being witness to the long term effects of smoking (diagnoised with advanced emphysema)given 3-6 months to live; June 2013. I`m now witness to having that time extended by being able to experience the vaping pleasure without having to smoke since.
Kathleen Christian Vaping Venue Forum An ex smoker who could only quit smoking due to using e cigs.
Adam Neal Quit smoking after 15 years thanks to vaping, now feel healthier than ever.
Laura Welch King`s College NHS Health Centre Interested in finding out more about safety of vaping.
David Bugler 2.5 year vaper, 30 year publishing professional and rugby coach
Miles Thomas ex-smoker of 30/40 cigarettes a day for over 28 years and vaper for just over 2 years, with an instant switch to vaping instead of tobacco once I found out about electronic cigarettes.
David Hallam EFVI UK Rabid supporter of Vaping / EFVI UK Sectetary and one of the founding members.
Kenneth Gillespie A 48 ex smoker with an interest in politics and policy