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First Name Last Name Organisation Self Description
Nigel Goodlass Vaping addict
Zakar Mahmood
Colin Edwards 40+cigarettes a day, managed to stop with help of e-cigarettes.
Mike Michaelson 20fags a day and now just efags with small amount of nicotine in them.
Xiena Kinnair Used to smoke 20plus cigs a day, managed to qit with ecigs, They have been my saving grace.
Mike Bell 20+ ciggys per day, managed to qit smoking with ecigs, saved my life, I feel great now!!
David Nattrass Ex-smoker of 60 cigarettes a day, now been vaping for a year
Simon Berry I've smoked for since I was 16. I'm now 30. Tried giving up multiple times using various different nicotine replacement therapies, willpower etc. Only vaping has enabled me to quit. I'm much more energetic and overall healthier. Running for the bus doesn't kill me anymore!
Gareth Lloyd I smoked for well over 15 years tried to give up , with patch's ,gum, nothing worked ever. Tried smoking cessation in excess of 8 times at GP's and various stop smoking cessation clinics to no avail. Started vaping ages ago and have not had a cigarette since. My Asthma has cleared up (not that I am advocating this on any medical evidence just personal experience) and my general health improved overall. I cannot give up and rely on vaping as a much healthier alternative to which without wouldn't be able to quite cigarettes at all.
Craig Gregory I smoke for 20years tried to give up , with patch's ,gum , nothing worked . Started vapeing six months ago and have not had a fag since.
Kirstin Gabriel
Derek McCubbin I started to "fully" vape less than a year ago after suffering a stroke at age 49 I started off on a high nicotine (18mg) and now I have just reduced to 0.3mg.My blood pressure has reduced and my health has improved. This wouldn't have happened if I was still smoking regular cigarettes. E-cigs/vape mods have improved my life. Oh and by the way I should have said that I smoked for over 37years. #vapesaveslives
NIgel Crump 30+ year of 20 a day+. Started vaping 5 years ago and haven't touched a filthy fag since and feel 400% better for it! Can run up a hill now rather than wheezing up it and my chest doesn't rattle me to sleep every nigh and I can't remember the last time I had a coughing fit, where's the bad in that?
P Jason Yurick 30+ Years smoking, 40+ cigs a day. Finally quit with e-cigs.
Rebecca Tavendale The Steam Tavern Director of
Noel Eade
Richard Tammadge
Dave Luty YouTube reviewer Since I discovered vaping 8 months ago, I have gone from smoking 20 - 30 cigarettes a day, for the best part of 40 years, to ZERO cigarettes - just vaping. I now have my life back (and my sense of smell and taste) and promote vaping to everyone who wants to listen (and sometimes those who would rather not).
Steven Allcock
Steven Allcock
Brad Ringersma Ex-smoker, now vaper. Standing against the injustice of ecig regulations world-wide.
Jon Ingall Full-time vaper and advocate. Quit in one day with vaping, after 20yrs PAD smoking.
Shane Gibson I've been vaping for 18+ months now, no stinkys after the first three days. I'm a much healthier and happier person thanks to vaping.
Elizabeth Talton
Thomas Caton
Hollie Gillatt
Louise Crew
Luke Woolridge
Ann-Marie Neeld Minion Vapes Propietor: Minion Vapes
jack thompson
Sam Graham
Michelle Turnham
Aiden SImpson Minion Vapes
beth kelsall
luke winney
Daniels Mazjanis
Andrew Gordon N/A Handsome young vaper
richard wood
josua malone