Donate to the campaigning work of NNA

NNA welcomes donations from individuals and organisations to support our campaigning work. We are however unable to accept such donations from manufacturers and distributors of nicotine products.


First Name Last Name Organisation Self Description
thomas sharwin i am me
Steven jackson
chris lambert
danielle cox
kyle brown
ellie hyatt
zak bennett k vaper
gareth rice
muhanad janabi vaping changed my life, from smoking 20 cig a day, now im a healthier person who doesnt have any breathing problems
karl thompson up in smoke long term vaper. cigarette free for 12 months thanks to vaping.
cameron beaumont vape hut
Danny Tomlinson vape hut
gavin lagadu vape hut
kragan brayshaw
Eleanor Paxton Smoke-e-joes Manufacturer
nathan richards
David Hall
liam bamford
arran coffey
Jon Fraise Retired Psychologist and Quit Smoking coordinator.
Steven wright
joe sidlow
Sebastian Hawley Student, member of a family with multiple smokers, e-cig user.
Lee Stanley-Gonsalves Vaper
Terry Cooper-Haime TiT Sauce Business owner who will loose a lot of decent staff and a good business due to costs
john wright
hackeem alankar vapek47 vaping is the future
iain mathers
matt haigh
alexander charalambous cheekyvape my life was saved by vaping and now im helping other take part in life changing risk reduction
angela turner
PAUL Dunford
martin bayly
Jordan Buffey
james evans
sean tattershall vaped for 5 month and never felt better
Colin Molloy Vaper for 2 years stopped smoking thanks to vaping
yvonne bliss
Lesley Tindall
codie futcher