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First Name Last Name Organisation Self Description
Ben Kosto I'm a vaper and would like to continue vaping without this dark vaping-ban cloud over my head. This just proves how corrupt the system/government actually is when they would rather support big tobacco than a much safer and user friendly option. So I'm just a guy that's getting very sick of these bullying tactics by people(our gov.) that should have our best interests at heart. I don't get it and probably never will. But I do know it has to do with GREED, which makes it that much worse. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to keep vaping alive and places like this website and are paving the way and allowing us to support what we believe in! Thank you! -Ben K.
Jeannie Cameron JCIC International Tobacco Harm Reduction supporter and advocate. Wrote LLM Disseration at Kings College London in 2007 on the FCTC and why harm reduction was missed out.
Pasi Tolvanen Home I did smoke about 21 years, and i im on vape now 1.5 years... no problem at all :)
Martin Hedington Iconic Vape Science (South Africa) Promoters of Vaping Safety, Knowledge and Legislation. Small-scale producers of affordable E-Liquid.
Andrius Bukauskas N/A Ex. Smoker. Cigarette-free for a little over a year and a half now, thanks to e-cigarettes.
Bob McNair An ex-smoker of Old Holborn 75 gm. per week. Gave up smoking completely a year and a half ago with a Kanger tank Now on a Westminster e-pipe and enjoying the smoke-free atmosphere and finance.
Garry Tucker Now an ex smoker of 25 cigarettes a day for 7 weeks thanks to vaping
David Wright n/a fairly new vaper who has been using vapes for 4 months, whilst reducing cigarette use, and has now given up on cigarettes completely as a new years resolution, much to my doctors approval!
TIM SWAN N/A Veteran Vaper & advocate.
Theoharis Makridis
Rob Leighton
Cameron Jenkins
Richard Slipper
Andrew Collett
Thomas Collett
Alasdair Bruce
Alexander Kelly
Daniel Eccles
Doilan Kelsall
Spencer Baxendale
Connagh Conway
Gareth Baggot
Gareth Witty
Darren McPherson
Chris Wharton
Peter Beisey
Lee Griffiths
Muhammed Faz
Sunny Khanzada
Michael Hull
James Duff
Sean Bridgewater
Tom McCreadie
Ben Meakin
Sam McAndrew
Simon Pettitt
Elliott Hurst
Charles Donkin
Connor Missenden
Jake Kilner