In the now (almost) immortal words of Professor Gerry Stimson, 'vapers and vape shops are the new front line in smoking cessation services'. Typically this is an informal process with vape shops doing their best to help their customers to understand the products and how to use them, and vapers talking to their smoking relatives, friends and colleagues about their transition from smoking to vaping. Any vaper will tell you that there is a lot of interest among smokers about the devices and techniques involved, but also simply in 'how you managed to do it' and 'what it was like'.

Chris Russell, psychologist and senior research fellow in tobacco and nicotine studies at the Centre for Substance Use Research in Glasgow, has initiated a new YouTube based project called 'Vapers Helping Smokers to Quit'. The idea is quite simple, by uploading a short video of their experiences when switching from smoking to vaping it is hoped that vapers will be able to help those smokers who would like to try vaping by giving them some insight into what it is like to switch, and what they can expect. You can view the videos already submitted on Chris's YouTube channel here: Link

If you would like to help with this project Chris has issued the following instructions for making and submitting your video:

Making your video:

The main purpose of your video is to inform and advise people who are currently smoking but want to quit or cut down and are curious about using an e-cigarette. When you are making your video, imagine you are talking directly to a smoker who is curious about using e-cigarettes.

Some guidance for making your video:

  • Start your video by introducing yourself: your name, age and where you are from.
  • Tell the viewer your back story - when you started smoking, how many cigarettes you used to smoke, why you decided to quit, why you decided to try an e-cigarette etc.
  • Tell the viewer about your experience of switching - for example, how long did it take, what products did you use, how successful were you, how long ago did you quit smoking?
  • Tell the viewer why do you choose to vape today.
  • Tell the viewer how your health has changed since you quit smoking and started vaping.
  • Give advice to smokers who are thinking about using an e-cigarette as a way of quitting smoking.
  • You are free to mention specific products you like/dislike but avoid mentioning specific local vape shops - remember, people from all over the world will be viewing you.
  • Don't use words/phrases that are too technical - remember, you will be speaking to smokers who may only have a basic knowledge, if any knowledge, about e-cigarettes and nicotine vapor products in general.
  • Do NOT edit or post-produce your video - just talk to the camera naturally, that's what people want to see.

Beyond this, you are free to say anything you want to say to smokers who are curious about using e-cigarettes to quit smoking. Most of all, smokers want to hear about how e-cigarettes have helped you.

Your video needs to be shorter than 3 minutes, so please try to give as much advice and information as you can in this time.

Recording your video:

To ensure the best quality of your video:

  • Most people record their video on their smartphone (e.g. iPhone, Samsung), tablet, laptop camera or webcam - these generally produce a very good quality.
  • Use a stable camera if possible, for example, a camera in a resting position. Selfie video are also acceptable, but tend to be not as appealing to viewers.
  • Avoid background noise while recording - try to film indoors with no background noise coming from the TV or radio (or kids) ;)
  • Make sure the lighting and sound levels are good - the viewer needs to hear you clearly, with as little static or muffling as possible.
  • Do not edit your video. Do not piece together different clips, and don't use any fancy production techniques. Your video should simply be you talking to the camera for 3 minutes.

Submitting your video:

When you have created your video:

  • Click this link:
  • Click "add files"
  • Upload your video
  • Enter my email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Send

If you have any problems please contact Chris on the email address above or find him on Twitter: @nicotinesurveys