NNA calls on UK parties to repeal arbitrary restrictions on e-cigarettes and snus

We have written to the major UK political parties to urge them to include this in their election manifestos:

“We will help Britain’s 9 million smokers switch to healthier alternatives by removing unnecessary restrictions on e-cigarette advertising, tank and refill sizes, strength of liquids, and by ending the ban on snus as soon as we have left the EU. “

However, a lot more pressure is needed. The parties need to know that vapers are voters who are unhappy with the TPD.

Please write to your representative. You can use the Write to Them website to find your MP, MSP or AM and to email them too. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or @NNAlliance on Twitter to let us know how you get on.

This is what we sent to the parties (along with the manifesto wording, above):

Brexit removes the excuse for political parties to avoid reforming the worst elements of current anti-smoking policies many of which come into force on Saturday 20 May.

Particular anger among the 2.8 million UK e-cigarette users has been caused by the EU's arbitrary restrictions on their devices which have no benefit but which make them less convenient to use. These include maximum tank and refill sizes and a much reduced limit on the maximum concentration of nicotine in e-liquid consumers can purchase. Disproportionate restrictions on e-cigarette advertising were introduced in May 2016.

Also of deep concern is the ban on the Swedish smoking substitute snus. As the New Scientist reported in March this product is the key to Sweden’s huge lead in the EU in reducing smoking. The Spectator wrote that “if we want to benefit from Brexit the first thing that we should do is make snus legal”.

E-cigarettes and snus help prevent smoking and smoking-related disease at no cost to the exchequer.


The UK election offers a golden opportunity to encourage legislative change.  Don’t waste this chance.