Changes to the rules on the advertising of e-cigarettes on TV meant a busy day for NNA's Lorien Jollye on Monday..

Monday the 10th of November saw a change to the advertising regulations which meant that the use of e-cigarettes could be shown in TV advertisements for the first time. First off the blocks (well actually second, but far more publicly) was VIP with their now familiar brand of sexual innuendo. The full version of the VIP adverts was not actually shown, all that was seen was an attractive lady inhaling and exhaling vapour followed by the product splash, but the press release did contain links to longer versions, which of course attracted a lot of controversy and criticism from the usual quarters.

What was worse was that in some media articles the release of the adverts was reported as "the first smoking ad to be shown on TV in half a century". Vaping is not smoking - when will they get that?

Anyway, the furore over the VIP advert meant a busy day for NNA's  Lorien Jollye, who did live interviews for Radio 4's Today programme and Radio 2's Jeremy Vine show, and also a recorded interview which was broadcast by BBC Cornwall, BBC Devon and the World Service. Listen to Lorien's live interviews at the following links - we think she did rather well!