Today we are launching our Challenging Prohibition campaign to oppose vaping bans.   Read on to find out why, and how you can help.  

Vaping bans send out the wrong message
Vaping is not covered by UK anti-smoking legislation yet every day brings more news of vaping being subjected to the same prohibitions as smoking.

Vaping bans are not just inconvenient for e-cigarette users, they are dangerous and cost lives.

Treating vaping as smoking feeds the widely-held misconception that vaping is just as harmful and deters people from switching to the far safer alternative.

Vaping policies need to be carefully considered
We aren’t arguing that vaping should be permitted everywhere but we do want employers and managers to carefully consider their policies around vaping, instead of imposing the knee jerk blanket bans which are becoming all too common.

We want Public Health England to take a stronger lead in guiding employers and managers to craft vaping policies appropriate for their circumstances.

We want an end to no-smoking signs which include vaping, especially those which refer to “smoking” an e-cigarette and those which falsely state that it’s illegal to vape on premises.  

We want hospitals to at least follow the recommendations of the tobacco control plan, and not to include vaping in their “smoke free” regulations.

We want vaping to carry on working for people as it has for us - which means fostering an environment where vaping is at least tolerated - though not one where vaping is used as a stick to force smokers to switch.

We need your help to make this work.
Please look at our Challenging Prohibition pages, you can find them here.

The What you can do page includes actions you can take to challenge bans, such as writing to your local council, complaining to companies and helping to get positive vaping sign images into internet search results.

We have had some “vaping welcome” window stickers made up and we are selling them on eBay, here. Our Vaping welcome signs page has several sticker designs in various colours. which you can download and print or post on your social media accounts.

The Wall of shame page has a list of companies who could do a lot better. Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your suggestions for the Wall. We have already written to several of the organisations on that page and we will be writing to more.

You may have already seen the video "a conversation about e-cigarettes". Here’s a short clip from it where Gerry Stimson, Chair of NNA, talks about why it makes no sense to ban vaping in public places, and how bans can be avoided by using simple common sense. Please share this video, where you can. 


 We hope you like this campaign and that you can help, by sharing it and by putting pressure on organisations to do the right thing. We are looking forward to hearing how you get on, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact @NNAlliance on Twitter.