NNA is proud to support a new initiative from Spain, which aims to gain support from medical professionals for the use of e-cigarettes as a reduced harm alternative to smoking. Here, Carmen Escrig of EFVI Spain tells us more about the MOVE campaign and how it came about.

 There is a new initiative on social networks, called MOVE, which you probably already know about; however, is vital to promote it properly. The MOVE project emerged, like many other initiatives, as a distress signal from the EFVI Spain Platform, to deal with the constant attacks that eCigs have suffered in Spain. There has been an unprecedented disinformation campaign, orchestrated by major medical organizations in the country and as a result, 95% of the Spanish electronic cigarette industry has been closed.

A white coat is a very powerful weapon which, with the help of the media, determines the consumer patterns of the whole population. In our country, the medical-pharmaceutical sector has virtually unlimited powers and it has gone so far as imposing sanctions on doctors who support the eCig as an alternative to smoking. However we knew that, from the shadows, many doctors, scientists and healthcare workers were supporting us. And the only way to fight against a white coat, is another white coat.

As EFVI Spain went to work developing this idea We realized that most real doctors and GPs, who really are in direct contact with patients and do not breakfast every day with Ministers and pharmaceutical CEOs, did not have the right knowledge about real progress in eCig science and its potential to save lives. Moreover, they were being bombarded daily with completely wrong information about this product. We had to provide them with quality information.

Initially our idea was to develop the campaign only in Spain, however whilst work was progressing the WHO and COP6 reports were published. That 'coup de grace' was what motivated us for the international launch. But we needed help. After being kindly received in Warsaw, London and Barcelona by the Doctors who signed the manifesto and thanks to their invaluable work, we managed to make MOVE a reality.

Now comes the time to make it triumph and, for that, we have the help of numerous provaping activists from all over the world, who are working hard to make the project succeed. We need to extend the manifesto to as many doctors, physicians, scientists and public health workers as possible in all countries. Vaping saves lives. Good doctors save lives. Our proposal is to show them this important information, so that they can develop their work.

Carmen Escrig PhD

EFVI Spain Platform Coordinator

The MOVE manifesto and a sign up form can be found on their website here, please circulate widely: