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NNA’s year in review


2017 got off to a fantastic start when the High Court in London agreed that there is a case for legal review of the EU ban on snus and allowed NNA to join the action, as intervenor. The European Court of Justice will hear the case on 25th January 2018. The NNA legal case is the first time that a ‘right to health’ argument has been used to challenge a bad tobacco control law. We hope that this example might be a springboard for challenges in other countries.

We also campaigned to encourage responses to the EU consultation on taxation for reduced risk products and submitted both a response and a briefing paper,  written by NNA Associate Clive Bates. The outcome of the tax consultation is still unknown; the consultants working for the EU are expected to publish the report early next year.

When the snap general election was announced we wrote numerous emails to politicians to ask for tobacco harm reduction to be included in the party manifestos. We had some very encouraging responses and will be writing again.

Our campaign to oppose vaping bansChallenging prohibition, launched in December and was mentioned in Matt Ridley’s article in the Times on 18 December (reposted on his blog, here). Vaping bans send out the wrong message and managers should give very careful consideration to their vaping policies. Read more on our campaign pages here and do get involved if you can.

vaping welcome for roundup


We travelled, a lot. NNA had a stand at Vape Jam, Vaper Expo, the Vapefindr London Vape Show and the Telford Vape show. We really enjoyed meeting with so many interesting people and welcoming new supporters at the shows . NNA trustee David Dorn gave magnificent and rousing presentations at both Vape Jam and Vaper Expo:

DD vaper expo for update

We are very thankful to the Vape Jam and Vaper Expo organisers for their generous financial donations. Please do visit us at our stand in 2018, NNA’s presence at Vape Jam 4 and Vaper Expo  is already confirmed.  We are also delighted to be supporting Glasgow School of Vape 4 - join us there on 28th January, if you can.

Glasgow School of Vape 4

NNA trustees were among those who gave presentations at both sets of the GFN Dialogues, held in the UK and in Ireland this year. You can watch some of the presentations on the Global Forum for Nicotine YouTube channel, here. Look out for further GFN dialogues in 2018; they are free to attend and well worth your time. NNA trustees and associates were also very involved with the Global Forum on Nicotine conference itself, which was held in Warsaw in June.

NNA Associate Terry Walker meets with Hon Lik at the GFN

NNA Associate Terry Walker meets with Hon Lik at the GFN

Lorien Jollye spoke at the Nanny state index conference and Sarah Jakes gave presentations at the All Party Group on E-Cigarettes, the IBVTA conference and, very memorably, gave the keynote speech at the UK E-Cigarette Summit in November:


We were also kept busy with writing submissions to consultations, including the EU consultation on tax, the Inquiry into the Use of Electronic Cigarettes and Personal Vapourisers in Australia, the CAP/BCAP consultation on changes to the regulation of e-cigarettes advertising, the proposed online sales ban in Spain, the draft act amending the tobacco act in Estonia, the Northern Ireland Age of Sale consultation, the Mayor of London Health Inequalities consultation, NICE and the UK Parliament Science and Technology Committee Inquiry into e-cigarettes.


We worked with NCSCT on The SWITCH, a series of videos “inspired by people who have switched from smoking cigarettes to vaping”, you can see them on the NCSCT YouTube channel, here. NCSCT also kindly produced this video for NNA, of our Chair Gerry Stimson airing his sensible views on vaping:

The written word

We updated the NNA position statements, see here. We’ve added loads of posts to the NNA website over the past year too, so please have a browse. NNA trustee Paul Barnes has had several articles published in Vape Lyfe magazine and in November’s edition of Vapour Magazine, all well worth a read.

Glasgow bound


The image above continued to be a common sight on our Twitter feeds, as NNA trustee Andy Morrison constantly travelled around Scotland, advocating for tobacco harm reduction. Andy and his team of experienced vapers worked mostly with Linda Bauld and her researchers on the Feasibility and acceptability of e-cigarettes as an aid to quitting smoking amongst lung cancer patients pilot study.

Beyond the UK

NNA Sweden was formed early in 2017 - exciting news, especially as Sweden is the home of tobacco harm reduction. Other NNA affiliates may be in the pipeline too. We were also delighted to become an affiliate organisation of the International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organisations, which in November 2017 adopted a new constitutional framework and established itself in Geneva. The UK is continuing to set an enviable example in official approaches to reduced risk products but sadly that is not being replicated elsewhere in the world, so INNCO’s registration is an essential and very welcome development.

Trustees and Associates

We were very sorry to see trustees Lorien Jollye, Heather Morgan,, Neil Robinson and Simon Thurlow go and wish them all the best in their future endeavours. We were delighted that new trustees Paul Barnes, David MacKintosh, Kevin Molloy, John Summers and Sairah Salim-Sartoni could join the Board and we are all looking forward to another dynamic year in 2018.

We were also very pleased to welcome Eddie Black,Kelvin Guy, Victor Mullin, Daniel Pidcock and Terry Walker as new Associates.

Your support

Unusually for a charity the bulk of the work is done by the trustees, assisted by just one part-time administrator. Your support is therefore crucial. NNA relies on donations from individuals and all money is used very wisely - our overheads are minimal. We are very grateful to everyone who has given so far and, as an organisation which is grounded in the principle of “nothing about us without us” we are also very proud to have earned your trust. Please visit our Donate page to see how you can help. NNA has also recently become a verified charity on Facebook so you can also now donate to us directly on there, or organise Facebook fundraisers on our behalf.

Torchy wraps for roundup

NNA is now an eBay charity so you can donate to us when you buy something or even donate the proceeds of an auction to us - as Torchy kindly did with these battery wraps

Our list of supporters is constantly growing - as it needs to. So, please encourage your friends and family to sign up. Rest assured that we don’t bombard our supporters with mailouts - even if we wanted to we simply don’t have the time.

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So, a huge thank you from us to all of our supporters, we are looking forward to working with you to make 2018 an even better year.

Happy New Year!