Last week we reported on a quite shameful ITV ‘investigative’ programme – broadcast during prime time – which smeared e-cigarettes and vaping products without editorial balance, and seemed to have been put together without any serious investigation whatsoever.

We said that ITV should be ashamed of the misinformation that they thrust on the public and described it as “scientifically ignorant scaremongering” which “misled millions of people with the message that they should just carry on smoking”.

You can watch the appalling show at this link, and if you are inclined to complain to OFCOM about its shockingly poor standards – as many others have - you can do so here.

Fortunately, genuine investigative journalism – not the unthinking tabloid kind exhibited last week by ITV - has not yet fully died in favour of ignorant and sensationalist clickbait, as The Economist has proved with this very astute guide to vaping, published last week.

See the video below for something far more sensible.