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Steve Christie tells about his journey from smoking to vaping, why he fights and why all vapers should be concerned about tha TPD.

Steve Christie 100

 About three years ago my wife mentioned that one of our neighbours had managed to quit smoking thanks to an E Cigarette
“You should try one!” She says.
I wasn't very impressed with the idea…..However!
Later on in the week I was shopping in Tesco. They had an offer on the Ten Motives Ecig…so I bought one…and that was it!
After trying numerous attempts to quit with NRT this thing really seemed to be working!
Surely it couldn't be that easy?
It wasn't!
After a week or so the novelty wore off and I was all set for buying another ounce of tobacco…

However..rather than give up I went online and discovered that there were far better Ecigs available out there, I couldn't believe the vast array available.


I went with the vision spinner and a protank and upped my nicotine level..What a difference. I stuck with that for about six months then moved onto a Vamo, another improvement. now I was “cooking with gas"! Since then I've bought Mechs..(love the simplicity), Box Mods and I've even started building my own coils and making my own Liquids, tailoring things as I've gone along.

I'm now in a happy place…safe in the knowledge that I chose the safer alternative. I love the world of vaping.



Come next May, post TPD (should it go through as it stands) a new vaper, starting off as I did?...Their journey would end right there. No other products to try..Either stick with your cigalike or go back to smoking. I'm sure I would have!

Nic content not cutting it?......Tough 20mg is as high as you can go!

Cigalikes don't suit you?........Tough that's all you're left with!

Many vapers seem to forget that this fight is as much (if not more) for new Ecig users…the ones who are likely to have nothing more available to them than a very basic Electronic Cigarette. That's why this Directive needs to be fought!

You lot with the freezer full of Eliquid?.....Think on that for a moment!

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