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In what is expected to be a first of it's kind, Glasgow is to see the launch a new "School of Vape" event on 3rd May 2015. This is a new concept in Vape Meets and is the branchild of Colin Robertson, a vaper of 18 months standing.

The first session is due to take place in The Vale in Dundas Street in Glasgow and will run from 2.30pm until 10pm on Sunday 3rd May.

Organiser, Colin Robertson is taking the now commonplace vape meets to a new level. Traditionally, vape meets tend to be aimed at seasoned vapers where they can talk about and demonstrate their new devicea and extol the virtues of their favourite e-liquids while showing off their vaping skills. This event promises to be different as Colin intimated to NNA ......

"I realised that many vape meets that are happening these days are not very accessible for beginners or those who are interested in starting to vape. Due to the nature of the vaping community we find that hobbyists seem to dominate this domain. But, the fact is that the best source of information for those wishing to start vaping or those who feel that it is not working for them, is other more experienced vapers, and retailers who sell the products".

"I decided to try and create an event that would be open to those who want to start to vape, or have just started, or more experienced vapers, the goal of which would be to share knowledge and experience between both vapers and retailers".

"The Glasgow School of Vape will be an event on Sunday the 3rd of May, running from 2.30pm till 10pm at The Vale, Dundas Street, Glasgow. This event will feature 4 major local e-cigarette and personal vapouriser retailers, as well as raffles throughout the day and a rebuildables section where people can learn to build coils. The event is totally free, as are all the raffles. All prizes are donated from the attending retailers and other vapers".

"My aim is to create a welcoming and accessible event that all can feel comfortable attending. It gives attendees a choice of different retailers, backed by the opinions and advice of other vapers, all in one room".

"More and more smokers are switching to electronic devices, and I want them to have the best chance of staying off tobacco".

"I hope the vaping community in general will support this event".

NNA is fully supportive of this type of inittiatve and will indeed be represented at this event where we will have literature and flyers available to inform attendees of what NNA is trying to achieve. We hope to encourage vapers to support NNA in any way that they can.

Colin can be contacted by email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.