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Changes to the rules on the advertising of e-cigarettes on TV meant a busy day for NNA's Lorien Jollye on Monday..

NNA Associate and Leicestershire Stop Smoking Services manager Louise Ross was asked to address pharmacists at the conference on Saturday on the subject of e-cigarettes. Louise was joined on the platform by vapers, who were able to share their personal experiences with delegates. Read on for Louise's account of the event, and for some wonderful news about the first quarter success rate of her ecig friendly service.

When Kent & Medway PCT asked for input from a vaper for their conference on smoking cessation within mental health facilities NNA trustee Sarah Jakes was only too happy to oblige. Here are Sarah's impressions of the day.

Today the BBCs news magazine programme 'Inside Out' will broadcast the results of its investigations into the safety of e-cigarettes in the North East. 
News items on the BBC News Channel and articles published on the BBC website in the lead up to broadcast indicate the BBC tested four samples of e-liquids purchased from retailers in Tyne and Wear, one of which was found to contain diacetyl in quantities the BBC has yet to reveal. 

The World Health Organisation (WHO), in conjunction with the Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO), held a symposium on ecigs.  They only invited speakers who were hostile to harm reduction for smokers, as Sarah Jakes reports.


A leaked memo from the World Health Organisation (WHO) recently suggested that ecigarettes should be classified as Tobacco Products and would therefore be subject to the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). The suggestion, if adopted, would require Governments that have signed up to the FCTC to take active steps to reduce the use of ecigs, to ban advertising completely and to place restrictions on the ecig industry's access to legislators. In short, it would treat ecigs as part of the problem, rather than part of the solution to Smoking Harm.

We wrote to the Director General of the WHO, Dr Maragret Chan, to ask her to consider the potentially enormous public health benefits of actively encouraging smokers to switch to ecigarettes.  Click "Read more" to see the full text.



Louise Ross (aka @grannylouisa on Twitter) is the manager of Leicester's Stop Smoking Service, which we believe is the first UK SSS to support the use of ecigarettes by its Service Users.  She is also a passionate advocate of ecigs for harm-reduction and has worked with many vaping activists to spread the good word.  Here, she shares her personal thoughts about working with vapers to influence decision-makers in public health and politics.



Regular readers will know that some of us went to Warsaw last week, for the Global Forum on Nicotine.  Here, Sarah Jakes writes about her impressions from the event.




With so much debate and discussion about ecigarettes, its easy to forget that other harm-reduced options exist.  We wanted to know more about smokeless tobacco use from a consumers perspective
and David Czekaj (@analoguebetter on Twitter) kindly wrote this guest blog for us.




Recent events attended by NNA have sparked considerable debate among the vaping community.  Sarah Jakes (NNA Trustee) explains why "You've got to be in it, to win it".



NNA Trustee Sarah Jakes on the All-Party Parliamentary Group meeting on Ecigarettes, held on Tuesday 10th June 2014.



On Friday, the NNA submitted its response to the CAP consultation on ecig advertising. We support the proposed rules, in principle, but there are several potential issues arising from the use of vague, ambiguous terminology.



New estimates double size of US e-cigarette market; increasing importance of refillable and modified devices

Update - Global Forum on Nicotine, 27-28th June 2014, Warsaw: Conference topics, speakers, and outline programme announced