"I am a retired schoolteacher.
I was a heavy smoker for over 50 years having started at the age of 13. I tried may times to quit and used many different methods which all ended in miserable failure until my first e-cigarette - and have never smoked since.

I am still shocked and dismayed at the lengths some people and organisations will go to in order to promote their badly flawed dogma when it comes to smoking and quitting and vaping.

I write articles for the Vaping Post. I have spent a good deal of time writing letters and making comments to what other people have said. I am, at present serving on the board of advisors to the THRA and I am member of the steering group for the new international organisation as discussed at the GFN.

I see the main role that I might play in the future as using my teacher's skills for designing and presenting educational materials for both budding advocates and for professionals not familiar with vaping."