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NNA welcomes donations from individuals and organisations to support our campaigning work. We are however unable to accept such donations from manufacturers and distributors of nicotine products.

I finished my training as a health psychologist in 2002 and became a stop smoking specialist in 2003, for Wiltshire Primary Care Trust. I have set up community, hospital and workplace clinics and have led on secondary care, workplace, training and e-cig strategies. I currently work for Bristol Public Health on the cancer work stream and also for an independent company as their workplace stop smoking specialist.

My main goal has always been to prevent premature death; in 2015 I jumped aboard the ecig harm reduction train and I have not got off it since. Since our service went e-cig friendly in 2015 two things became very apparent: 1) smokers were really enjoying their quit attempts and 2) smokers were stopping for more than three months at a time. I have clients who have been smokefree for over two years now.

Nicotine delivered by technology that reduces the harm by at least 95% can save the majority of the world's health problems in an efficient and, more importantly, a pleasurable way.