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I’ve enjoyed an eclectic professional career which is rather too long to include here, so moving swiftly on...

It took six matches to light my first ‘Park Drive’ aged 13 ½ - and nearly fifty years to snuff it out. Cigarettes are beguiling antidotes to miserable childhoods, and remain so for many. Quit attempts, for years or days, ultimately failed - breaking up is hard to do. I’ve been vaping since 2012 but sub-ohm tanks finally gave me the confidence to throw away the matches. Previously high blood pressure is now normal and I’m saving trees.

I’m grateful to so many magnificent pioneering Twitter vaping advocates, the GFN and NNA who showed me the light into ‘the dark side’. In 2016, I was honoured to lead the formation of an international coalition of nicotine consumer advocate organisations. INNCO is now a 34 strong member organisation and now, as their Membership Coordinator, I’m delighted to focus on supporting them and propagating more - together we are stronger!

I believe in individual choice for good or ill, however, the action of choice requires alternatives. Smokers now have three; smoke, quit or ‘quitch’ to an enjoyable significantly safer alternative. Denying access and honest information to enable healthier choices is a basic violation of human rights. Well - not on my bloody watch.