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Board of Trustees

Louise worked in learning disabilities for over 30 years, both in nursing and managing a care home, before taking on a second career in tobacco control/smoking cessation in 2004. Excited by the potential of vaping to accelerate quit rates, she coined the phrase 'ecig-friendly stop smoking service' and has worked ever since to encourage other services, commissioners and healthcare workers to adopt this approach.

She retired in March 2018 and now works as a freelance clinical consultant for the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training.

Dave Cross is the news editor for, the UK's largest online forum for vapers. He has worked with a number of start-ups in the UK vape industry to develop website descriptions and engaging content. Previously, he worked as a science teacher in England and South America, European Marketing Manager for an international chemical company and was (for a brief period of time) Northampton Town FC's Clarence the Dragon - a vital cog in the fourth-tier football machine. His writing CV also includes football, music, technology and motorbikes. Dave believes in the potential for vaping to end the blight of tobacco-related harm and the need for honest, coherent research to underpin common sense legislation. He is particularly interested in the potential of vaping to help the homeless and those with mental health conditions.

Bernice switched to electronic cigarettes several years ago and since not smoking, she has returned to a normal blood pressure level, after being on a maximum medication dosage for several years and suffering a transient ischemic attack.

Having had a varied career, she has now just returned to Probation and Offender Management. Through her previous work in the electronic cigarette sector she supported many hundreds of smokers in their journey to stop using combustible tobacco.

Bernice previously stood as a candidate for South Wales Central in the 2016 General Election for Vapers in Power and continues to take an active role in advocacy regarding electronic cigarettes.

Since leaving school 'a very long time ago' Sarah Jakes has worked in the shipping industry, the foreign exchange market and now runs her own business in property management.

A smoker of some 35 years Sarah switched to vaping in April 2013, only to find that the choice of this safer alternative for smokers was under threat from excessive and ill founded regulation. Having joined forces with other consumers in the battle against over regulation in the EU parliament Sarah is convinced that a better understanding of e-cigarettes and other harm reduced products among key influencers and decision makers is required if these products are ever to reach their full potential for public health gains.

Bio to follow.....