Michelle had originally trained as a Mechanic on Military Vehicles and eventually became a Technical Author writing Service Manuals / Handbooks for Agricultural / Construction Vehicles. After 3 redundancies, Michelle became a full time editor for the Ecigclick Team (http://www.ecigclick.co.uk/), where she covers news on THR, reviews Vape products, previews new products, writes news stories and edits others reviews. She has been a reviewer for Ecigclick since 2017 and became replacement Editor after the sad loss of Neil Humber.
Michelle had been smoking since she was 15, and tried every prescription method to stop due to her Asthma. Often with horrible side effects, especially Zyban and Champix and was allergic to Nicotine Patches. She had started vaping alongside smoking in 2013, and quit smoking entirely by 2019. In this time her Asthma symptoms dramatically reduced.
"I am passionate about helping people know what kit to choose when they start e-cigarettes. I get sad when people are sold the wrong kits and end up spending more money than they really need with the vape getting resigned to a drawer. I know so many people who have quit smoking with vaping (myself included) and it can be daunting - but I want to help guide people to find the miracle that finally got me away from tobacco when nothing else worked."