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NNA welcomes donations from individuals and organisations to support our campaigning work. We are however unable to accept such donations from manufacturers and distributors of nicotine products.

Technical Consultant to the IT industry and father of 2 with no financial ties to industry other than my direct employers, I quit my 26 year 30-a-day smoking habit the moment I opened my 2nd generation e-cig starter kit back in May 2013. I haven't had a single draw on a cigarette since, and haven't felt the urge to. I consider the switch to vaping to have been an upgrade. Soon after switching I was introduced to the EU's Tobacco Products Directive and the unconscionable consequences of what was planned, the shoddy science on which it was based, and the extraordinary position of many of the public health groups, and started down the road of fighting for the right for smokers to have safer alternatives. I am now a passionate, unpaid, advocate who still doesn't enjoy being called a shill.