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A farmer by background, Andrew RT Davies was elected Leader of the Welsh Conservatives in 2011, four years after he was first elected to the National Assembly for Wales as AM for South Wales Central. His political interests include the economy, education, health and rural affairs, and he first decided to enter politics after the damage the BSE crisis of the 1990s did to the agricultural industry in the UK. In the Welsh Assembly, he led the opposition to the Labour Welsh Government's plans to ban the use of vaping products in public places in Wales, and was instrumental in the Welsh Government's last minute defeat in their plans to bring the legislation forward. Andrew believes that smokers should be given all the help available in their attempts to combat their addiction and quit smoking, and that includes the use of e-cigarettes and other smoking cessation tools.

Steve Christie is an author, originally from Aberdeen he now lives in Edinburgh with his wife and two sons. He is a passionate vaper. With his vast knowledge on the subject he strives to educate people and dispel the myths, whilst defending the rights of vapers everywhere. Further details on Steve can be found at