Donate to the campaigning work of NNA

NNA welcomes donations from individuals and organisations to support our campaigning work. We are however unable to accept such donations from manufacturers and distributors of nicotine products.

Ok, vapers reading this will know that that is the pre-watershed version of that particular rallying cry..

Thanks to a friend and supporter of NNA, Chinese e-cigarette manufacturer Innokin heard about NNAs work with stop smoking services and wanted to help. We do not take donations from anyone in the nicotine industries, so the best way for Innokin to help would be to help stop smoking services help smokers to stop smoking. Even this though is not as simple as it should be, because currently there are no medicinally licensed ecigs on the market which stop smoking services could prescribe, and it's likely that any that do gain medicinal authority will be bland cousins compared to those on the consumer market.

NNA decided to take the pragmatic approach and accept the kind offer of 30 free starter kits from Innokin which would be passed on to those who are best placed to help smokers who want to switch to the much safer alternative. On Friday we passed on 10 of those kits to Louise Ross, manager of Leicester stop smoking services, who pioneered 'ecig friendly' services despite vehement opposition within the public health community at the time.

Louise's service has now been ecig friendly since early 2014, and the results so far are very encouraging.

Louise says: Many people we see are quite happy to buy their own vaporiser, but there are some who find it impossible to get enough money together to get a starter kit. In cases like that, we offer free samples, when we have them, to give them a foot on the ladder. With the money they save from not smoking in that first couple of weeks, they can afford to buy one for themselves, and may hand the trial device onto a friend who also wants to have a go. We’re grateful to Innokin for letting us have these samples, and they will help a number of smokers switch to vaping.

Please see the video below for comments from people who have successfully quit smoking by using e-cigarettes with the help of the Leicester Stop Smoking Services: