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In a vote taken at its annual conference the British Medical Association has called for a ban on vaping in public spaces such as bars and restaurants because of fears over renormalisation of smoking behaviour, and what they perceive as the 'risks of passive vaping'. This is despite the fact that there is no evidence at all, anywhere, that their fears have any foundation in reality.


A legislative ban on vaping in public spaces is far more likely to have a harmful effect in that it would remove one of the biggest incentives for smokers to try vaping, and would send the completely inaccurate message that vaping is as dangerous as smoking. As our trustee Lorien Jollye points out today in the Times, there has been a concerted effort from expert bodies to get the message to smokers that a switch to vaping would be of great benefit to their health. Continually undermining this message with unsupported theories and fear-mongering harms smokers.

The BMA's continued ideological and non evidence based stance on vaping is irresponsible in the extreme.