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The UK Nicotine & Smoking Cessation Conference is the world's largest event for the smoking cessation field, and the conference in 2015 again brought world-class speakers to present and discuss the very latest in clinical, research and policy developments. Held at the Manchester Hilton, NNA associates Andy McEwen and Andrew Preston were part of the organisation team for the event and ensured we had a presence.

Lorien Jollye & Louise Ross

We had a stand at the conference where we were able to introduce people to the NNA and discuss how we might be able to help them with advice on e-cigarettes. NNA trustees Dave Dorn, Sarah Jakes and Lorien Jollye were on hand to engage with the stop smoking services professionals. Both Louise and Lorien gave detailed talks on the main stage on how electronic cigarettes can be used by the Stop Smoking Services to help smokers to quit tobacco use. Lorien expanded on SSS professionals listening to vapers and encouraging them to support the use of vaping devices as part of a smoking cessation programme.

Louise further added to the message that electronic cigarettes can be seen as a valid alternative to smoking with the belief that it is a gateway out of smoking and that every vaper seen is someone who is no longer smoking.

Many in attendance praised both Lorien and Louise for their talk, one delegate in particular, a doctor,  described Lorien’s contribution as inspirational.

Oliver Kershaw (founder of the E-Cigarette Forum and NNA associate), gave a review on the international regulatory scene and how current proposed regulations are playing into the hands of the tobacco companies.

Dave Dorn & Sarah Jakes

The conference wasn’t all about talks, it did provide the NNA trustees in attendance the opportunity to network with SSS and other professionals and to talk about e-cigarettes as a means of harm reduction with the possibility of helping smokers to quit smoking tobacco altogether.  One SSS advisor told us how she has built up a relationship with her local vendor and often goes to the shop to sit and listen and chat with  vapers. She takes her Co2 monitor along to give a bit of extra positivity and encouragement to the vapers going in.  Both the store and the service send smokers to each other, an arrangement beneficial to smokers and an inspiring story!

Along with the networking and talks, Sarah Jakes, Dave Dorn and Lorien Jollye fielded numerous enquiries and requests for advice and assistance with e-cigarette research, how to educate services staff on vaping, and additionally, how the devices could be used in a mental health unit setting.

A truly positive two days spent, with some remarkable outcomes and plenty more to work with and think about.