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Following on from the successful launch of The Glasgow School of Vape earlier this year, Colin Robertson has come up trumps with a new venue at the Drury Bar and Kitchen just across the road from Glasgow Central Station, starting at 2pm on Sunday 30th August and running on to 10pm .......

NNA is proud to announce that we will have a stand at the event and Colin has asked us to speak again to give updates on what we are doing in Scotland and indeed UK wide.

We asked Colin to give us some details on the event and this is what he had to say ........

"As I prepare for running the second Glasgow School of Vape, the nerves I felt the first time are still there, but not as severe this time. That is because I was overwhelmed by the support that was shown at our maiden event. Yes! You may have heard that the smoke alarms went off….twice!!! Yes! You may have heard that there was no room to move, and that people had to be turned away at the door!

At one point (just after the smoke alarm had went off for the second time, and the bar manager was threatening to throw us all out) I was ready to quit! I had tried and failed, and I just wanted everyone to leave, so I could pack everything up and go home. Then I took a deep breath and started going round the room apologising to the many people that I felt I had let down, and the feedback I got was amazing! A middle aged woman told me that this was her first vape meet and that she could not wait for the next one. Two girls who had been learning to build coils in the rebuildables section thanked me for running the event, and started suggesting better venues for the next one. I looked around and saw vapers of all ages and backgrounds and levels of experience, talking, drinking, vaping, learning.

Our first event was a huge success in my eyes. Around 130 vapers attended throughout the day and the feedback was extremely positive. This second event will be bigger and better. I have spent a lot of time trying to get a great venue, liaise with retailers and sort out the logistics of the event. Drury Street Bar and Kitchen have been amazingly helpful, and are bucking the trend by allowing an event like this to happen on their premises. I am expecting over 200 attendees throughout Sunday the 30th, we have 6 retailer tables, a rebuildables table, a swap and trade section and prize raffles throughout the day, NNA will once again be there to update everyone on what they are doing for the cause - Andy Morrison has also hinted that there may well be a special guest appearance from another NNA trustee, all for FREE!

I want our events to be accessible to all levels of vaper, and especially give a great introduction to those who have just started their vaping journey. My concept is to ask retailers for a contribution to cover marketing and overheads, so that we can make the event completely free to all that attend. There will be hiccups, it won’t be perfect, but I want you all to come and be there, because those of you reading this article are the ones with the knowledge. I provide the school, why not come and teach?

The Glasgow School of Vape will run on Sunday the 30th of August at Drury Street Bar and Kitchen, just round the corner from Glasgow Central Station. Registration is open from 2pm and we will pack up at 10pm.

Hope to see you there.

Colin Robertson."

NNA would like to thank Colin for the invite and wish him every success for the event. We hope to meet and talk with as many Scottish vapers as possible.