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Everyone who attended the last Glasgow School of Vape agreed that it was a terrific event. There was something for everyone, from new vapers to experienced enthusiasts. Many of us have been badgering the organiser of the events to give us a repeat performance. Well that is about to happen and here are the details..........

The 3rd event promises to be bigger and better than the previous events, although how that can possibly be achieved remains to be seen. The chosen venue is once again the very popular Drury Street Bar & Kitchen - easily accessible from Glasgow Central Station and just across the road from the famous Horseshoe Bar in Drury Street. The date has been set for Sunday 21st February and will run from 12:00-22:00hrs.

All of the usual suspects will be there at some point throughout the day - vendors, reviewers, teachers etc. NNA will have a presence for the entire event. Be sure to visit us at our stand.

Furthermore, NNA have invited some very high profile guests to the event some of which have already confirmed that they will attend. We're keeping a lid on who these people are, but we are sure that attendees will be very impressed. So, if at all possible, get yourself along there - you can be assured of a terrific day out.

The organiser of this and the previous events, Colin Robertson has been working his socks off in order to make this happen. NNA approached him for a quote on what's happening. Here's what he had to say :

"The next Glasgow School of Vape will run on Sunday the 21st of February at Drury Street Bar and Kitchen, Drury Street, Glasgow.......and it is not to be missed!!
This event brings retailers and vapers together to share knowledge and experience, while providing information for new vapers and helping to dispel much of the negative media that has been aimed a e cigarettes and vaping in general.
With the TPD looming it is unbelievable how many people, vapers and retailers alike, who are ignorant of the implications that this legislation will have for them. The advertising restrictions will prevent many would be vapers from finding the devices and liquids that will enable them to break free from tobacco, and we all know that the best devices will also be harder to obtain, and for those who are not already in the vaping community, this will be a huge obstacle in their road to quitting! We hope to offer a door to the world of vaping and the greater vaping community, and I really think that others across the UK should use this as a model to create a community of informed vapers, who welcome and guide new e cigarette users, and show them that there is a setup out there for everyone that wants to say goodbye to tobacco, it's just that legislation will make it harder to find without word of mouth.
Manchester School of Vape? Birmingham School of Vape? Cardiff School of Vape?..........They have yet to be created, but I urge anyone who cares and has the time, to seriously consider making them happen.
I can not make it all happen, but maybe someone reading this can! If you think you can do it, then I invite you to come along and see what I have achieved with a bit of time and effort. I invite anyone that cares about vaping to come along and see what is possible, then spread the word!
I hope to see you on the 21st of February.
Mines a Jack and Coke!
Colin Robertson."