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NNA calls on vapers to designate 2015 as ‘the Year of Vaping Advocacy’ using the hash-tag #vaping2015

Vapers have shown over the past couple of years that giving voice to their views can have an impact on policy-makers. The activism that was generated over the drafting of the new EU Tobacco Products’ Directive, and how this influenced both the politicians and public opinion, is testament to this.

The next two years poses new challenges. Politically there are the implementation of the TPD in all member states scheduled for early in 2016, the FDA proposed Deeming Regulations, in the USA, and also the collection of evidence to inform the next Conference of the Parties to the FCTC, scheduled to take place in 2016, in India.

Of more immediate concern are the attempts to ban vaping in public places. With many large companies, including those in the hospitality and transport sectors, along with a number of public authorities, including health services, imposing bans or restrictions on the vaping, the actions of politicians can become almost redundant, as de facto vaping will be all but eliminated.

The call from vapers of ‘nothing about us without us’ has never been more significant and our energies and undoubted skills need to be brought to bear to meet the new challenges we face.

There will be a number of events planned in 2015 and NNA will work with other vapers’ organisations to promote these. At this time we are suggesting a simple thing to kick-start the Year of Vaping Advocacy, asking everyone to include the hash-tag #vaping2015 in tweets you post, and also to post links on other social media, to push vaping up the trending lists and alert more people to what is happening.

NNA will soon be launching a survey for vapers, the results of which will help drive our campaign, and more details of this will be available early in the year.

If you are planning any events, please include the hash-tag #vaping2015 in the promotion. The more visible vapers and vaping become, the more accepted the practice is likely to become.