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Films for smokers considering a move to vaping  

These films were produced by the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training (NCSCT), in partnership with the New Nicotine Alliance and part-funded by Public Health England.


An independent introduction to vaping for smokers

A basic introduction to e-cigarettes for smokers considering switching from smoking to vaping, featuring internationally recognised expert Dr Hayden McRobbie and Sam, a tree surgeon sharing his experiences of switching.


The Switch

Inspired by people who have switched from smoking cigarettes to vaping, here is a short film showing how some people have made The Switch. Please scroll down this page for the individual stories.


E-cigarette safety: the facts explained (short)

Experts take a look at the evidence on some of the issues that surround the use of e-cigarettes.  


E-cigarette safety: the facts explained

Experts take a deeper look at the evidence on some of the issues that surround the use of e-cigarettes - including the safety of e-liquids and vapour, secondhand vaping, the 'gateway' theory, and the safety of vaping relative to smoking.


 Top tips for safer vaping

This short animated film places the much-publicised 'dangers' of vaping in perspective, and provides clear sensible advice on how to vape safely.

Passive Vaping: A guide for parrots

This short animated film explores the headlines and the evidence on the health effects of secondhand vapour.


The Switch:  Lorien



The Switch: Sarah

The Switch: Glen

The Switch: Paul

The Switch: Catherine

The Switch: Paul 2

The Switch: Thomas