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ACT NOW to prevent an EU wide tax on vaping

The European Commission is holding a public consultation into the taxation of tobacco and vaping products, ending on 3rd September. The Collective of EU Vaper Associations, is issuing an urgent call to action to ask you, the consumer, to respond to the consultation. Vaping has helped more than 7.5 million Europeans stop smoking and a further 9 million to cut down. If vaping is expensive smokers will not switch and vapers will go back to smoking.

  • Making vaping more expensive will keep people smoking.
  • Taxing vaping makes people think vaping is as harmful as smoking
  • There is no case on principled or practical grounds to apply excise duties to vaping
  • The value to health and wellbeing associated with switching from smoking to
    vaping exceeds any benefits arising from revenue collection
  • VAT is the only acceptable form of taxation on vaping products
  • Taxing vaping products ultimately protects smoking
  • Vape products are not tobacco products and do not belong in the Tobacco Excise Directive


The consultation is here:
Public consultation on excise duties applied to manufactured tobacco and the possible taxation of novel products


Responding to the consultation (also described as a "questionnaire"):

1 The questionnaire is available in all the EU languages, select your language
at the top right
2 Answer using your own words
3 If you don't know the answer to something please reply with "I don't know"
4 If you choose not to answer the questions on conventional tobacco
products the questionnaire should only take around ten minutes
5. At the end there is an option to upload a document – responses carry more
weight if they are more personal, so feel free to go into more detail. Tell your story!


NNA UK has produced this downloadable leaflet:

No tax leaflet V3

SoVape has produced this downloadable leaflet. 

SoVape leaflet


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The EU consulted on this fairly recently, in 2016 - 2017, here are our resources from that time: 

Our blog post from the last consultation is here:
EU Tax policy - harmful to health - our briefing

Our full briefing, written by Clive Bates, is here:
Tobacco Excise Directive briefing


Please also sign and share this petition, to encourage more people to respond to the consultation: petition:  Act now to stop the EU vape tax